Does Tea Need To Be Organic

The colder months always invite you to warm up with a good cup of tea and a good book by the fire. In the summer, we drink a nice glass of iced tea to cool down. Drinking herbal tea is an essential addition to your health routine, especially during a pandemic. Herbal teas have many health benefits, especially if they are made with medicinal grade herbs. A study has found that a cup of green tea a day can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

But did you know that not all teas are the same? Specifically, the most alarming fact to consider when purchasing tea is that conventional tea leaves are not washed after harvest. Conventional tea growers use high doses of pesticides. The thing is, the first time tea leaves are washed is when they are steeped in your cup of tea. A major Greenpeace study found that pesticide levels in conventional teas are often very unhealthy.

Is non-organic tea safe for health?

Growing organic tea is not easy, it is a time consuming process followed by a few passionate farmers, who have the time and money to invest in this type of cultivation. Most tea companies are turning to non-organic farming because it is easier, the product can be harvested in large quantities, the processing of the tea is much faster, and above all, it is cheaper. From a business perspective, there is no reason why tea growers should not prefer to grow non-organic tea.

Can you recognize organic tea by its taste?

Some organic teas may have less flavor than non-organic teas, as different fertilizers will also influence the taste, color and smell. For example, non-organic Japanese shaded tea is often considered better in taste than organic tea. In fact, only less than 5% of all tea production in Japan is organic. However, this is not a general rule. All teas are different and it is impossible to tell which is organic and which is not organic just by taste. However, the taste can show the quality of the tea, whether organic or non-organic, it should be tasty and fresh.

Guranse Estate Organic Nepalese Green Tea

Is organic tea that different from what consumers think it is? They are common”? tea”?

Ah, freshly brewed tea. What’s better than coming home after a long day to a steaming infusion or starting the day with your favorite cup? It’s a reliable companion during working hours. leisure and stressful moments.

Of course we love tea, and millions of people around the world do too!There are many potential health benefits and it’s a great choice for those who don’t want to drink a lot of drinks sugary or greasy

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