Does Lettuce Need To Be Organic

Attention buyer. The Environmental Working Group has compiled a list of The Dirty Dozen, 12 Soft-Skinned Foods That Absorb the Most Pesticides You Should Buy Organic, and The Clean Fifteen, Hard-Skinned Foods That Are Pretty Safe Because We Don’t Eat Thick Skins. (That means don’t grate citrus zest from non-organic fruits into your food!). Remember that children are much more vulnerable to toxic exposures, due to their smaller body mass and developing brains and immune systems.

Here’s an excerpt from research by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Guptah MD as part of his Toxic America series: If you eat non-organic celery today, you could be ingesting 67 pesticides with it, according to a new report of the working group on the environment.

You can buy organic products at low prices!

There is no doubt that organic products can be expensive and difficult to fit into a supermarket’s budget. Do you know why organic food is usually more expensive than products from conventional agriculture?

Organic farmers do not receive government subsidies like conventional farmers. This is one of the main reasons why organic foods tend to be more expensive. Also, organic farming tends to be more labor intensive, and farms tend not to produce as much food, so they don’t benefit from wholesale sales.

Conditions for growing organic lettuce

Organic lettuce has shallow roots that are easy to disturb. For this reason, any cultivation should be done gently and superficially. Initial weed pressure can be reduced by flushing weeds and cultivating them before transplanting or planting. Mechanical cultivation can be done soon after sowing because the plants are still small. The crop should be between 1.5 and 4 inches deep. If additional weed control is essential later in the season, this can be done by hand. Since organic lettuce has a shallow root system, available water must be present near the soil surface. This is accomplished by regular irrigation, usually applied by overhead sprinklers during the vegetative stages of growth.

Once lettuce flowers, water should not be applied to the canopy, as loose moisture on the leaves and flowers can decrease pollination and increase disease risk. Many organic growers now use drip irrigation systems to good effect, but some still rely on sprinkler irrigation during the early stages of growth to start a broad and vigorous structure in their plants to ensure good results. crop growth phase.

Lettuce Seeds

Easy to grow and quickly maturing, lettuce is a garden favorite.

Easy to grow, traditional lettuce matures quickly and is a favorite in allotments. Planting instructions are included with every packet of seeds and shipping is FREE!

Preparing an organic lettuce bed

To grow organic lettuce effectively, lettuce should be planted in garden beds filled with organic matter and soil that allows good drainage at the bottom and that is filled with nitrogen. A pH level should be between 6.0 and 6.8 is ideal. Nitrogen is important for robust leaf growth, so feel free to amend your bed with compost tea or blood meal before planting organic lettuce.

Organic lettuce can be sown from seed, both indoors and directly in the garden. You can also buy transplants directly from the nursery. If possible, try to buy organic seeds. Some good catalogs offer organic seeds, and many garden centers are beginning to offer organically grown plants.

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