Do Olives Need To Be Organic

Many consumers want organic products because they offer a certified guarantee of being free of pesticides and following environmentally friendly farming practices. These are good and honorable reasons to support organic growers, but olives are different. First of all, they are very easy to grow organically. Unlike most other fruit trees, olive crops have very few pest problems and require very little cultural input. Olives are a raw and wild creature. In fact, they are so easy to grow that most olive growers are “de facto” organic because they do not use pesticides, fertilizers or any other conventional products that could get into the oil or harm the environment. Therefore, there is really little to no difference between an organic olive oil and a conventional olive oil.

The shortest and simplest answer is that organic olive oil and non-organic olive oil should be almost exactly the same oil. Because both are extra virgin olive oil quality, both are made from the first pressing (or extraction) of the olives. Both have the same requirements for acidity, chemical composition and sensory tests (without defects), which allows them to be called Extra Virgin.

Differences between organic and non-organic olive oil

For olive oil to be considered organic, it must be produced organically. There are three main differences between organic and non-organic olive oil: the use of pesticides, the use of herbicides, and fertilization.

Organic olive oil provides the best nutrients and antioxidants, providing the highest quality and purest oil for your body and cells. Because it is completely unrefined, organic olive oil has a more natural variation than regular olive oil. This means that the olives have color, flavor and much more.

Holiday Turkey Stuffing and Olive Oil

For a delicious holiday turkey, try this Holiday Turkey Stuffing and Olive Oil recipe. This recipe uses olive oil to roast the ingredients for the stuffing and olive oil and spice sauce for the turkey. The result is a juicy, flavorful turkey that’s perfect for your holiday meal. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of your turkey.

A great appetizer or the perfect side dish with any holiday meal, this easy and aromatic Caprese Roasted Cherry Tomatoes recipe is sure to be a holiday staple once you try it. Add a side of toasted bread rubbed with garlic olive oil and make it for breakfast. However you serve it, your tomato fans are sure to love it.

Organic olive oil has health benefits

Although fruits and vegetables are healthy, whether or not they have an organic label, organic products are one step higher on the health ladder . The exact differences vary from product to product, but a lot of research has been done on the nutrients in organic produce. First, you won’t find pesticides on your food if it’s labeled organic. That already makes a healthier choice. In addition, organic products often contain more vitamin C, minerals and bioactive substances than conventional varieties. It is important to note that the nutrients a product contains also depend on the region it comes from and the varieties that were used for the final product.

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