Can Laundry Detergent Cause Acne

While changes in skin care products, stress, and even hormones are known to affect your skin, did you know that laundry detergent can irritate sensitive skin? Believe it or not, the detergent you use to wash your pillows, towels, washcloths, and clothing can cause rashes. In most cases, your local Chula Vista laundromat can help … Read more

Can Dehydration Cause Acne

Knowing the differences between skin types and skin conditions is important in addressing your skin’s needs. First, you were born with a skin type. Skin types include dry, normal, oily, and combination skin. Your natural skin type is different from a skin condition that makes you dehydrated or sensitive. Does your skin break out because … Read more

Can A Gluten Sensitivity Cause Acne

Acne is a very common inflammatory condition that can be caused by a variety of factors in women of all ages. Although the exact factors that trigger or worsen the disease are not always clear, most cases are related to the person’s diet. In this, gluten sensitivity is often considered the main factor that triggers … Read more

Does Soy Milk Cause Acne

Now that you’re asking about soy milk, I just want to add that soy milk has NOTHING to do with milk. A more appropriate name would be soy drink 🙂 But soy contains many hormones that for other health reasons are not so good for us… so I recommend soy drink instead of milk, I … Read more

Does Junk Food Cause Acne

Even if your skin is having a nice (clean) day, you can often still see some redness . Acne is basically inflammation, so help your skin by treating it with soothing products that contain calming herbal extracts like chamomile, licorice, or aloe vera extract. Another way to minimize your risk of acne is to make … Read more

Is Chlorine Good For Acne

When the weather is good, warm and sunny, it is natural that we want to spend a lot of time in the sun and in the water. Unfortunately, if you are acne-prone, like many of my clients, spending longer periods of time in chlorinated pool water is something to be aware of, as it can … Read more